Keptn Advisory Board

:warning: This document is a draft. The charter is yet to be approved by the community.

Keptn Advisory Board is a group of high-profile industry members and visionaries who support the Keptn project and advice on its direction. The advisory board meets every quarter to discuss the Keptn evolution, roadmap updates and the industry landscape. All Keptn Maintainers can participate in the meetings, and some of the editions may be held publicly. Additional experts might be invited to these meetings. The feedback is then communicated to the Keptn community.

While Keptn Advisory Board Member is a public role, it does not give special permissions within the Keptn project. The number of the board members is limited to seven who are being elected according to the community process for a two years term.


Current Keptn Advisory Board members:


The following contributors were Keptn Advisory Board Members at some point. We thank them for their support and all contributions!

No Alumni members at the moment

Election process

New advisory board members can be nominated by any community member including other advisory board members. There is now special eligibility requirement, except having a strong vision and declaring their support for the Keptn project. To prevent potential perception of the board’s bias, it is also required that any company or organization has less than 50% of representatives on the board.

Then the candidates, if they accept the nomination, should be approved by the Keptn community according to its common decision making process. Once approved, the candidate becomes an advisory board member for a two years term. The term can be prolonged indefinitely based on community approval.

Advisory board members can step down at any moment. In exceptional situations, for example severe violations, members can be removed from the Advisory Board after a decision made by the community.