Keptn blogs, videos and other resources


Title & Link Author Keptn target version (comment)
What is keptn, how it works and how to get started! Andi generic
SLO Validation as a Self-Service with Keptn Andi 0.6.x
Automated Deployment and Architectural Validation with Pitometer and keptn! Andi 0.5.x (Pitometer got replaced)
Adding automated performance quality gates using Keptn Pitometer Rob 0.5.x (Pitometer got replaced)
Pitometer - Open source autonomous quality gates Adam Gardner 0.3.x (Pitometer got replaced)
Five steps to add automated performance quality gates to Azure DevOps pipelines Rob Pitometer 1.x
Complexity in enterprise hybrid-cloud deployments: it’s not the platforms, it’s the apps! Pete generic
Troubleshooting Knative Prometheus with Dynatrace Andi generic
On-boarding your custom application to Keptn on AKS — Part 1 of 2 Rob 0.3.x
On-boarding your custom application to Keptn on GKE— Part 1 of 2 Rob 0.3.x
On-boarding your custom application to Keptn— Part 2 of 2 Rob 0.3.x
Easy automated Concourse deployment validation with Dynatrace and Pitometer Mike 0.3.x (Pitormeter got replaced)
Keptn now talks MS Teams: How we expand Keptn’s footprint in the Microsoft world Rob 0.6.x
Continuous Delivery without pipelines - How it works and why you need it Andreas generic
July 2019 Cloud Native London Meetup EXTERNAL all Keptns
Keptn release 0.5.0 — Six updates to get excited about Rob 0.5.0
Risk-free feature toggling with Unleash and Keptn Jürgen 0.6.0
Keptn 0.6.0 - my top 5 favorite improvemens Jürgen 0.6.0
Automating Deployment validation with Quality Gates Jürgen 0.6.0
Automating Event-Based Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes with Keptn EXTERNAL 0.6.0
Securing your Kubernetes services with TLS certificates issues by Let’s Encrypt: How to setup Istio + Cert-Manager Jürgen 0.6.1
Scaling Continuous Delivery and Runbook Automation via Tool Interoperability Interfaces Andreas generic
Reduce risk with Feature Toggle service and Keptn EXTERNAL 0.6.0
Implementing SLI/SLO based Continuous Delivery Quality Gates using Prometheus Jürgen 0.6.x / generic
Using AI and automation to build resiliency into Bitbucket pipelines Rob 0.6.x
Advanced production support with Keptn 0.7 Johannes 0.7.0
Micro operations — A new operations model for the micro services age Alois generic
Overcoming scalability issues in your Prometheus ecosystem Jürgen generic
ERT Helps Medical Researchers Accelerate Clinical Trials with AI-Assistance from Dynatrace EXTERNAL generic
Closed-loop Remediation with custom Integrations Johannes 0.7.0
Multi-stage continuous delivery with Keptn on Civo - Leveling up your CD! EXTERNAL 0.7.x
Automate Test Analysis with a custom Keptn SLI Provider EXTERNAL 0.7.x
Automated Quality Gates in Performance Testing EXTERNAL 0.7.x
Distributed Load Testing Using Argo + Keptn in Kubernetes ( Distro ) EXTERNAL generic
Evaluating Resiliency with Keptn and LitmusChaos EXTERNAL generic
5 open source Kubernetes projects to watch in 2021 EXTERNAL generic

Conference & meetup recordings

Event Recording
Cloud Native London Meetup, July 2019
Cloud Native Meetup Silicon Valley, Dec 12, 2019 (embedded at the bottom of the page)
Seattle SRE Meetup, April 2020
Cloud Native Meetup Manchester, June 2020
ScaleUp 360° Continuous Delivery Europe, June 2020
Cloud Native PDX, June 2020
Cloud Native London, July 2020
Cloud Native Night Munich, July 2020 (mirror)
Cloud Native Berlin, September 2020
Cloud Native Madison, September 2020
DevOps Stage, October 2020 YouTube playlist
Neotys PAC, October 2020 Automate Test Analysis with a custom Keptn SLI Provider + all assets from Andi Grabner on PAC events
Neotys PAC, October 2020 YT: Automated Quality Gates in Performance Testing - triscon + all assets
App-Delivery SIG Meeting, November 2020 Evaluating resiliency with LitmusChaos + Keptn
Cloud Native Madison, November 2020 Introduction to ChaosEngineering with LitmusChaos + Keptn
Dynatrace Amplify, November 2020 YT: Automated Quality Gates with Keptn - triscon
Cloud Native Bern, January 2021 Automating SLI/SLO based build validation with Keptn


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