Working with Git

Using Git to contribute software and docs

Keptn source for software and documentation is stored in the Keptn lifecycle-toolkit repository. Contributions are made using standard Git practices. This section describes the basic steps required to contribute using Git and summarizes some standard practices we use with Keptn.

You can also modify the source using the GitHub editor. This is very useful when you want to fix a typo or make some other small change although be sure so include the DCO signoff.

If you are doing significant work, you should fork and clone your own copy of the repository, make your changes in a local branch, then push those changes to github where they can be reviewed and ultimately merged into the product.

Fork and clone the repository

How to get a local version of the Keptn repository

Create local branch

How to create a local branch and make modifications in it

Create PR

Create and submit a PR with your changes

PR review process

How to navigate the review process