DORA metrics

Access DORA metrics for your cluster

DORA metrics are an industry-standard set of measurements that are included in the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit. see the following for a description:

DORA metrics provide information such as:

  • How many deployments happened in the last six hours?
  • Time between deployments
  • Deployment time between versions
  • Average time between versions.

The Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit starts collecting these metrics as soon as you apply basic annotations to the Workload resources (Deployments, StatefulSets, DaemonSets, and ReplicaSets or Pods).

Metrics are collected only for the resources that are annotated.

To view DORA metrics, run the following command:

kubectl port-forward -n keptn-lifecycle-toolkit-system \
   svc/lifecycle-operator-metrics-service 2222

Then view the metrics at:


DORA metrics are also displayed on Grafana or whatever dashboard application you choose. For example:

DORA metrics