Migrating to the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit

Notes to help you migrate from Keptn v1 to KLT

The Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit uses a different paradigm than that used for Keptn v1 and so migration from Keptn v1 will not be a straight-forward process. In this section, we will assemble information to help people who want to move from Keptn v1 as it becomes available.

Note This section is under development. Information that is published here has been reviewed for technical accuracy but the format and content is still evolving. We hope you will contribute your experiences and questions that you have.

These instructions mostly assume that you want to utilize the full Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit. Note, however, that you can install and use some functionality such as Keptn Metrics and Observability without implementing all KLT features.

This section currently includes the following topics:

Migration strategy

Considerations for architecting the migration

Implement Keptn Metrics and Observability

Configure Keptn Metrics and Observability in your cluster

Migrate Quality Gates to Keptn Evaluations

How to define Keptn Evaluations for some Quality Gates checks

Migrate CI/CD functionality to KLT

Translate Keptn v1 CI/CD funtionality to KLT resources

Convert JES services to Keptn tasks

How to turn JES services into Keptn tasks

Implement Day 2 evaluations

How to implement some Day 2 evaluations and remediations