Migrate Quality Gates to Keptn metrics and evaluations

How to translate Quality Gates into Keptn Metrics and evaluations

Note This section is under development. Information that is published here has been reviewed for technical accuracy but the format and content is still evolving. We hope you will contribute your experiences and questions that you have.

The SLIs and SLOs used for Keptn v1 quality gates can be ported to Keptn KeptnMetrics and KeptnEvaluationDefintions.

By default, Keptn includes additional observability features that are not included in Keptn v1:

Keptn v1 Quality Gates can be migrated into Keptn metrics and Keptn evaluations.

Note The full SLO capabilities provided by Keptn v1 such as weighting and scoring are currently under development for Keptn. You can follow and participate in the design and implementation process at GitHub Epic 1646.

Notice the paradigm differences when implementing Keptn evaluations:

  • Data providers are installed and configured into your Kubernetes cluster using Helm charts and standard practices.
  • You must populate a KeptnMetricsProvider resource for each instance of each data provider. This resource specifies the URL and namespace for the data provider and gives it a unique name that can be referenced by other resources. This is the only Keptn specific configuration that is required.
  • Each query that is specified in your Keptn v1 slo.yaml file should be converted into its own KeptnMetric resource if you are using it for an evaluation. Note that Keptn supports using multiple instances of multiple data providers.
  • Simple Keptn v1 comparisons that are defined in slo.yaml files can be converted to KeptnEvaluationDefinition resources.
  • Keptn v1 calculations that use weighting and scoring cannot currently be converted to KeptnEvaluationDefinition resources but are under development.

For more information about working with Keptn metrics, see the Keptn Metrics page.

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