Lifecycle Toolkit Components

Basic understanding of Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit Components

Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit Components

The Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit consists of two main components:

  • Keptn Lifecycle Operator, which splits into two separate operators in Release 0.7.0 and later:
    • Lifecycle-Operator
    • Metrics-Operator
  • Keptn Lifecycle Scheduler
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Keptn’s Lifecycle Operator is a Kubernetes operator that automates the deployment and management of the Keptn Lifecycle Controller components in a Kubernetes cluster. The Keptn Lifecycle Operator contains several controllers for Keptn CRDs and a Mutating Webhook.

Here’s a brief overview:

Keptn CRDs: Keptn Lifecycle Operator contains several controllers that manage and reconcile different types of Keptn CRDs such as the Project Controller, Service Controller, and Stage Controller.

Mutating Webhook: automatically injects Keptn labels and annotations into Kubernetes resources, such as deployments and services. These labels and annotations are used to enable Keptn’s automation and monitoring capabilities.

Keptn’s Lifecycle Metrics Operator collects, processes, and analyzes metrics data from a variety of sources. Once collected, this data, can be used to generate a variety of reports and dashboards that provide insights into the health and performance of the application and infrastructure.

Keptn’s Lifecycle Scheduler replaces the Kubernetes scheduler to allow users to schedule events and tasks to occur at specific times during the application lifecycle. The Lifecycle Scheduler can trigger events such as deployment, testing, and remediation at specific times or intervals. The Keptn Scheduler guarantees that Pods are initiated only after the Pre-Deployment checks are completed.

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