Keptn Lifecycle Operator

Basic understanding of Keptn’s Lifecycle Operator

Keptn’s Lifecycle Operator is a Kubernetes operator that automates the deployment and management of the Keptn Lifecycle Controller components in a Kubernetes cluster. The Keptn Lifecycle Operator contains several controllers for Keptn CRDs and a Mutating Webhook.

Here’s a brief overview:

Keptn CRDs: Keptn Lifecycle Operator contains several controllers that manage and reconcile different types of Keptn CRDs such as the Project Controller, Service Controller, and Stage Controller.

Mutating Webhook: automatically injects Keptn labels and annotations into Kubernetes resources, such as deployments and services. These labels and annotations are used to enable Keptn’s automation and monitoring capabilities.

Last modified 2023-06-21: releasing documentation v0.8.0 (24f0a46)