Learn what Keptn Evaluations are and how to use them

Keptn Evaluation Definition

A KeptnEvaluationDefinition is a CRD used to define evaluation tasks that can be run by the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit as part of pre- and post-analysis phases of a workload or application.

A Keptn evaluation definition looks like the following:

apiVersion: lifecycle.keptn.sh/v1alpha3
kind: KeptnEvaluationDefinition
  name: my-prometheus-evaluation
  namespace: example
  source: prometheus
    - keptnMetricRef:
        name: available-cpus
        namespace: example
      evaluationTarget: ">1"
    - keptnMetricRef:
        name: cpus-throttling
        namespace: example
      evaluationTarget: "<0.01"

A KeptnEvaluationDefinition references one or more KeptnMetrics. If multiple KeptnMetrics are used, the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit will consider the evaluation successful if all metrics are respecting their evaluationTarget.

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