OpenTelemetry observability

How to standardize access to OpenTelemetry observability data

To access OpenTelemetry metrics with the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit, you must:

  • Install an OpenTelemetry collector on your cluster. See OpenTelemetry Collector for more information.
  • Apply basic annotations for your Deployment resource to integrate the Lifecycle Toolkit into your Kubernetes cluster.

KLT begins to collect OpenTelemetry metrics as soon as the Deployment resource has the basic annotations to integrate KLT in the cluster.

To expose OpenTelemetry metrics, define a KeptnConfig resource that has the spec.OTelCollectorUrl field populated with the URL of the OpenTelemetry collector.

Keptn metrics can be exposed as OpenTelemetry (OTel) metrics via port 9999 of the KLT metrics-operator.

To access the metrics, use the following command:

kubectl port-forward deployment/metrics-operator 9999 -n keptn-lifecycle-toolkit-system

You can access the metrics from your browser at: http://localhost:9999

For an introduction to using OpenTelemetry with Keptn metrics, see the Standardize observability getting started guide.

Last modified 2023-06-21: releasing documentation v0.8.0 (24f0a46)