Keptn Workloads

Learn what Keptn Workloads are and how to use them

A KeptnWorkloadresource contains information about which tasks should be performed during the preDeployment or postDeployment phase of a deployment. In its state, it keeps track of the currently active Workload Instances, which are responsible for doing those checks for a particular instance of a Deployment/StatefulSet/ReplicaSet (e.g. a Deployment of a certain version).


A KeptnWorkload resource augments a Kubernetes Workload with the ability to handle extra phases. KLT generates the KeptnWorkload resource from metadata information; it is not necessary to manually create a YAML file that defines it.

A KeptnWorkload instance is responsible for executing the pre- and post-deployment checks of a Workload. In its state, it keeps track of the current status of all checks, as well as the overall state of the Pre Deployment phase, which the scheduler can use to determine whether the deployment should proceed. KeptnWorkload instances refer to the respective Pod/DeamonSet/StatefulSet/ReplicaSet, to check whether it has reached the desired state. If it detects that the referenced object has reached its desired state (e.g. all pods of a deployment are up and running), it knows that a PostDeploymentCheck can be triggered.