Getting started

Familiarize yourself with the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit

This section provides excercises to introduce you to the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit. Choose the exercise that interests you the most.

Introducing the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit

This exercise introduces three common use cases for the Lifecycle Toolkit and walks you through the implementation process for each. We recommend that you do all three exercises in order but you can do any of them independently.

These exercises are based on the simplenode-dev example. You can clone that repo to access it locally or just look at it for examples as you implement the functionality “from scratch” on your local Kubernetes cluster. The README file for that repo contains additional information.

You can run these exercises on an existing Kubernetes cluster or you can create a new cluster. For personal study and demonstrations, these exercises run well on a local Kubernetes cluster. See Create Local Kubernetes Cluster.

Two videos are available to introduce these exercises:

Getting started with Lifecycle Toolkit

The KLT End-to-end exercise exercise provides a more detailed exercise for managing the deployment lifecycle with pre- and post-deployment evaluations and tasks.

Custom Keptn metrics

Enhance your deployment with custom Keptn metrics

Standardize observability

How the KLT standardizes access to observability data for Kubernetes deployments

Manage release lifecycle

How KLT orchestrates pre- and post-deployment evaluations and tasks

KLT End-to-end exercise

Implement full deployment orchestration