CRD YAML Reference

Reference pages for the YAML files that define the KLT CRDs

This section provides comprehensive reference information about the YAML files used to define the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) that are defined for the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit.

Note This section is under development. Information that is published here has been reviewed for technical accuracy but the format and content is still evolving. We welcome your input!**

Each CRD is an object of an API library. Keptn APIs follow the Kubernetes API versioning scheme. and are themselves composed of objects and sub-objects. By introducing CRDs, Keptn is extending the base Kubernetes API with new objects and functionality. Keptn APIs follow API versioning conventions recommended by Kubernetes.

For more information, see the Kubernetes documentation:


Define all workloads and checks associated with an application


Define configuration values


Define an evaluation query


Define the evaluation provider


Define all workloads and checks associated with an application


Define a data provider used for metrics and evaluations


Define tasks that can be run pre- or post-deployment