Getting started

Familiarize yourself with the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit

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This section provides excercises to introduce you to the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit. Choose the exercise that interest you the most.

The Introducing Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit video discusses three common use cases for the Lifecycle Toolkit and walks you through the implementation process for each. The following exercises provide more detailed instructions for implementing these use cases:

If you prefer, Getting started with Lifecycle Toolkit provides an exercise that introduces you to all the things KLT can do.

Getting started with Keptn metrics

Learn how Keptn metrics enhances your deployment

Standardize access to observability data

Learn how the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit standardizes access to observability data.

Orchestrate deployment checks

Learn how the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit can orchestrate deployment checks.

Getting started with the Lifecycle Toolkit

Learn how to use the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit.

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