Learn how to install, configure, and upgrade the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit

Note This section is under development. All material presented here has been reviewed for accuracy but the content is not yet complete.

This section provides details about how to install and configure the components of the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit either as a local cluster you use for study, testing, and demonstrations or as part of an existing production cluster.

  1. Understand the Software versions and resources that are required
  2. Bring or create your Kubernetes cluster
  3. Replace the default cert-manager (optional) This step is only required if you want to replace the default KLT cert-manager with another cert-manager.
  4. Install the Keptn Lifecycle Controller
  5. Upgrade to a new version of the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit


Supported software versions and information about resources required

Kubernetes cluster

Bring or install a Kubernetes cluster

Use your own cert-manager (optional)

Replace the default KLT cert-manager

Install KLT

Install the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit


How to upgrade to the latest version of the Lifecycle Toolkit

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