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👋 Welcome to the Keptn community! This repository is used for community management related issue tracking, including but not limited to community programs, enhancement ideas, memberships and permissions. See also the community page on


Roles and Groups

Community resources

There are also some resources stored in this repository or elsewhere:

  • Community Roadmap - Major community initiatives as a part of the Keptn roadmap.
  • - programs we participate in.
  • Artwork - Keptn logos and artwork.
  • Keptn Project Infrastructure - Documentation and notes regarding the project infrastructure being used by the project: website, delivery infrastructure, repositories and services, etc.
  • Keptn incubation in the CNCF - Materials related to Keptn application for the incubation in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Community Meetings

Name Meeting Time Meeting Notes Discussions
Keptn Community - APAC/EMEA Every Other Wednesday at 10:00 AM CEST Google Doc Zoom
Keptn Community - US/EMEA Every Other Wednesday at 3:30 PM CEST Google Doc Zoom
Keptn Backlog Refinement Every Tuesday at 1:30 PM CEST Google Doc Zoom

All meetings are also on the public calendar: Calendar


Any contributions to the Keptn community will be appreciated! See the Keptn Contributing Guidelines and the Contributing FAQ.



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