Keptn Branding Assets

Project brand assets and guidelines for Keptn.


Name Logo Format
keptn-logo-square.svg logo SVG
keptn-logo.svg logo SVG
keptn-small.png logo PNG
keptn-transparent.png logo PNG
keptn-white.png logo PNG
keptn_icon.svg logo SVG
keptn_icon_transparent.svg logo SVG
keptn-icon-transparent.png logo PNG

Against dark backgrounds, use the white versions of the logo and the wordmark.

Color Palette

Color Names Hexadecimal Codes
Blue #006BBA


Keptn Open Graph Images

Some of Keptn Open Graph Images are managed as Google Slides here. Feel free to reuse this content or suggest changes.

For some other Open Graph Images, Canva is used. If you would like to get access or get an image created, contact Giulia Di Pietro or Oleg Nenashev.


We use custom Keptn emoji on Slack and other channels. Some of the emojis are available here