Keptn 2022 Bootstrap Governance Committee election

Please see the list of candidates running in the election here.

This election should fill three seats.

Election schedule:

  • November 3rd - November 16th - final deadline to submit nominations
  • November 17th 2022 - official nominees list published
  • November 18th - November 27th 2022 - voting takes place
  • November 28th 2022 - results announced

We highly encourage participation in this election cycle to ensure that the community is well-represented by the Governance Committee.


  • If you’ve been nominated or are willing to nominate yourself: express your interest in this issue
  • Vote between 18 November 2022 00:00 UTC and 27 November 2022 23:59 UTC via the voting link
  • Stay a Keptn and keep contributing to the project!


Three people from three different organizations must be elected in this election, the term is also part of the voting (one or two years).

Voting process

Anyone can track the 2022 election process via this GitHub issue. We will ensure that all documents and assets related to the 2022 election process are public.

For the 2022 elections, Helios Voting was chosen as it’s a hosted solution with cryptographic guarantees that no GC members can meddle with the results.

Helios voting also allows us to add GitHub handles to the list of voters in addition to email addresses. We need this, as we count contributions based on GitHub contributions and do not always have the contributor’s actual email address. The disadvantage of Helios is that it does not support ranked voting


Anybody is eligible to run for the Governance Committee. During the “call for nomination” period, people can be nominated or nominate themselves by expressing their interest in this issue a Pull Request adding said candidate to the file in the Keptn community repository. The template in that file includes the following columns:

  • Full name
  • GitHub alias
  • Company affiliation (if applicable)
  • Short bio or reasoning to join the Governance Committee (no more than a short paragraph)
  • Optional: photo/picture of a nominee

The Pull Request will not be merged until the candidate has confirmed their desire to be nominated (if not self-nominating) and ratified via PR comments.

Voter Eligibility

All members of the Keptn Organization (Members, Approvers, Maintainers) will automatically be eligible to vote.


Everyone with voting rights may log into Helios Voting using their GitHub account. Voting will be approval voting, where each voter may select up to three candidates. The three candidates with the most votes win the election. The three winners must be from different organizations, therefore only the highest ranked nominee from each organization will be elected. Nevertheless, it is possible to vote three nominees from the same organization.

If there is a draw between the third and the lower ranked candidates, there will be a runoff election between the tied candidates. The runoff election will be held within 48 hours of the original election. The runoff election will be a simple majority vote, and the candidate with the most votes will be elected.

Per Helios, voting is entirely private: nobody will know any individual’s vote.


Voting will close on 27th November 2022 at 23:59 UTC. Nominees will be stack ranked. If a nominee becomes ineligible (for instance, if more than three topmost nominees work for the same company), the election committee will skip those nominees and pick the nominee with the next-highest score. The exact scores for each candidate will be public.