Implement Slack Notification

Learn how to implement Slack notification as a post deployment task.

Create Slack Webhook

At first, create an incoming slack webhook. Necessary information is available in the slack api page. Once you create the webhook, you will get a URL similar to below example.

T00000000/B00000000/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is the secret part of the webhook which we would need in the next step.

Create slack-secret

Create a slack-secret.yaml definition using the following command. This will create a kubernetes secret named slack-secret.yaml in the examples/sample-app/base directory. Before running this command change your current directory into examples/sample-app.

kubectl create secret generic slack-secret --from-literal=SECURE_DATA='{"slack_hook":<YOUR_HOOK_SECRET>,"text":"Deployed PodTatoHead Application"}' -n podtato-kubectl -oyaml --dry-run=client > base/slack-secret.yaml

Enable post deployment task

To enable Slack notification add post-deployment-notification in as a postDeploymentTasks in the examples/sample-app/base/app.yaml file as shown below.

    - post-deployment-notification
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