Migrate KeptnEvaluationProvider to KeptnMetricsProvider

Migrate deprecated KeptnEvaluationProvider to KeptnMetricsProvider.

Migrate KeptnEvaluationProvider to KeptmMetricsProvider

Due to the recent changes by splitting the klt-operator into two separate operators: lifecycle-operator and metrics-operator (introduced in version 0.7.0), some of the functionality and behavior have been moved, changed, or renamed. The KeptnEvaluationProvider CRD was deprecated and replaced by the KeptnMetricsProvider CRD as a part of the metrics.keptn.sh/v1alpha2 API group. During the upgrade from version 0.6.0 (or sooner) to 0.7.0, there is a need to migrate manually KeptnEvaluationProvider CRs by using an external bash script:

curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/keptn/lifecycle-toolkit/main/.github/scripts/keptnevaluationprovider_migrator.sh | bash

This script will fetch all existing KeptnEvaluationProvider CRs and migrate them to the KeptnMetricsProvider CRs. Additionally, the script stores the migrated manifests in your current working directory.

The script will also ask the user to apply the created manifests and delete the deprecated KeptnEvaluationProvider CRs.

Note: Please be aware that only KeptnEvaluationProvider CRs from the cluster your kubecontext is pointing to will be fetched and migrated.

Last modified 2023-05-03: releasing documentation v0.7.1 (f2d8be6)